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I cannot wait for the rest of the world to see this movie. Fruitvale Station is one of the most powerful movies I think I’ve ever seen, and it was all because director Ryan Coogler decided to tell a story about a human who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and not a sappy political piece crucifying the BART Police. 
Run to see this when it comes out, because it’s an important story, and a good one. And it gave me different feelings than I initially thought. 

i want to see Fruitvale Station


I cannot wait for the rest of the world to see this movie. Fruitvale Station is one of the most powerful movies I think I’ve ever seen, and it was all because director Ryan Coogler decided to tell a story about a human who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and not a sappy political piece crucifying the BART Police. 

Run to see this when it comes out, because it’s an important story, and a good one. And it gave me different feelings than I initially thought. 

i want to see Fruitvale Station

ATX TV FESTIVAL DAY THREE – PART EIGHT: Friday Night Lights Outdoor Screening.

Its 4:45pm already, my dad and I walked back to his truck to get our lawn/beach chairs, and cross the street and make our way to Hotel San Jose. We got their and very few people were already there. My father and I picked a spot in the shade, at this time the sun and heat was blazing, and right about the time we were about to set up our chairs, a twitter friend of mine who I have been friends with for almost about two years but never met, showed up and instantly recognized me and shouted, “AMY!” in excitement. She showed up with her husband, and youngest child, and they parked their chairs next to ours, and we all chatted and caught up. It was so nice to finally meet one of my dear twitter friends, who I’ve met because we always tweeted about FNL. She was telling me all about her days as a set extra on Friday Night Lights, and how she was so excited to seeing some of the cast members, and excited to meet some (she doesn’t know the newer kids of the show as well as the older ones.) It was also her birthday the next day, and she brought her Friday Night Light book to get it signed by the cast. Even though I got most of their autographs and few with pictures, I told her, I’d be happy to go with her anyways.

Right now I can’t remember the order of who we saw and chatted with first, but I remember them all so I’ll just go in random order. We (my friend and I) went up to Scott Porter, and he instantly remembered her. He asked how she was doing, he signed her book, and I was just looking back and taking it all in. I also saw his fiancé, he did not introduce us to her, but she looks super pretty and my god the rock was beautiful. Of course I didn’t ask to see it, but I saw it from a distance and it was so beautiful. I wanted to ask all these personal questions about how Porter asked, how long they met, etc, but hello I’m just a fan, and it’s totally outta line to ask those questions. So I just stood back and watch my friend had a conversation and took her photo with Porter. I wish I wasn’t so shy and star stuck with famous people so I can actually talk to them like I know them my whole life, even thought I don’t. I also forget that famous people are just like everyone else, and should be easy to talk with. I should have asked him if he’s ready to see the last episode because he has not seen the last five episodes, and wasn’t planning on it until he was ready. Of course I did not think of that question until the day after. We also talked to (and when I say we, I mean my friend) Gaius Charles. Again, I just stood back and watched and listened on to their conversation and took their photo together as well.

I saw Jesse Plemons last year, but I did not get to meet him or take a photo with him, so I was so glad to finally get the chance to do that. I let my friend go first to meet him, but they went on and on talking to each other, like old friends catching up, which of course I didn’t mind standing back, watching, and of course listening to their entire conversation. They were asking each other how their families where, and how they been, and what they are up to. I said to myself, ‘They are practically friends.’ Here I was taking it all in and I look behind me and everyone’s faces in line were reading, ‘Hurry up!’ I felt so bad for them, but regardless how long one person took, they were going to meet them anyways. So honestly, I don’t know why they were making such a big deal about it. After I took their photo together it was my turn, and I asked him to sign my football, and he was telling me like everyone else earlier, it was smart to bring a football while almost everyone is here. I was about to tell him something but my friend started talking to him again, but I was okay with it, I guess lol. I felt bad for the people in line who were still waiting, so I quickly asked for a picture and left for someone else to get their moment. Later on Jesse played with his band Cowboys and Indians and even though they’re not the kind of music I would listen to, but they are a great voice.

Another FNL cast member who sings is Alicia Witt. Again, not the kind of music I like, but the girl can sing and play piano. I didn’t get to encounter with her, but I was fine with it because I already quickly met with her earlier. Did y’all know Madison Burge also sings? She has an unique voice. Again, not my kind of music, but it was good, she played with some guy and a guitar and it was great. I got to met her after she finished singing, and she was with a married couple who talking to her about her singing and I overheard that she’s always sang since she was little, but she just recently started singing to the public. And I’m glad she did and I hope that takes her far as well as her acting career. The couple stayed close to buy some shirts and cds (from all the bands) and Madison looked at me and the first thing she said to me before saying hi was, “I know we’ve met because you’re familiar but I can’t remember your name, or where we met before.” I was shocked and again star struck haha. “It’s Amy, and we met at the premiere last year.” I told her. She’s like “I remember now, Amy, it’s great to see you again.” I told her I can’t believe she remembered me and she laughed and told me she has a great memory. I asked her to sign my football and she asked if my name was spelled with a y or ime. I told her thanks and she replied, “I hope to see you again Amy.” By the way, she has a really pretty smile ha.

My friend wanted me to go with her to see Matt, because she knew he was my favorite, and of course I said I’d go and not pass up another moment with Matt haha. So we went, and since I had already met him and taken a picture with him, I just wanted her to have her moment with her. So I watched her talk to Matt, with her camera in my hands. After talking to him for about 5 minute’s straight no-stop, she finally remembers I was around and said, “Oh Matt, I’m so sorry. I’m so rude. This is my friend, Amy,” and she looks my way. And I’ll never forget what happened next. Matt instantly replies, “I know Amy!” and my friend made a face expression that read, ‘how does he know you?’ and looked back and forth with me and Matt. I couldn’t help but smile so big and say, “Hey Matt!” lol, seriously the most awesome moment in my life, and probably won’t forget it ha. Could you blame me? My friend asked me to take the picture, and I did, and then she wanted one with me and her with Matt, so I got another picture with Matt. Yay!

Before meeting Matt, we met with Michael B. Jordan and they had their conversation, and picture taken. While my friend was talking to my friend, I overheard these teenagers behind me about One Tree Hill, and the nosey person that I am asked, “Did y’all go to their panel earlier today?” They were shocked and didn’t know they were here earlier. They were jealous I got to meet James, Mark and Lindsey. I told them I saw Lindsey a few minutes ago, and I know she’s here. I looked around for a few minutes and found her. I pointed her out to the girls and were so happy that I could help them out. I said it’s the least I can do. So the girls got to met her and got a picture with her. Those girls later saw me again and couldn’t stop thanking me ha. They were such sweet girls.

After seeing everyone again with my friend, we went back to our seats, and I was like phew I can relax a little bit more before the screening starts. We were originally supposed to watch the first episode and then the series finale. But a few minutes later they announced that they won’t be showing the first episode because the sun was still out. With that note my dad said, “Hey Amy, I want to take some pictures with some of the guys.” I jumped at the chance and said let’s go! First up was with Michael B. Jordan and Scott Porter. He just said he loved them on the show and asked for a quick picture with them. Then while he was waiting to talk to Matt Lauria, I saw his wife, Michelle, from a distance and waved hi and smiled at me and returned the gesture. When my dad was up next, he couldn’t help but go all home bro on him and say, “Matt! Bro!” and do that handshake that all guys do and I was like “oh lord, he’s trying to embarrass me,” but Matt returned with the favor with, “My dude!” This moment was so freaking hilarious, I wish I had caught it on video. “I got to get a picture with you, Matt,” my dad said, and Matt responded with, “Dude! Of course!” So I took two pictures and Matt said, he couldn’t see anymore with all the flashes he seen today, and we laughed. Then he was all amazed with our camera, “Y’all got it with the shutter click and flash popping out when it needs to be. Y’all fancy uh?” My dad explained that it was a christmas present he had given to me, since I love pictures, then he went all proud dad on me and started telling him about all the pictures I have with the FNL cast from last year and how I have mine and Matt’s picture hanging on my wall. I wanted him to stop talking lol. Then Matt asked me where I got the shirt, and I told him I bought it online from the NBC store website. He told one he got one when he was filming the show but he grew out of it (He’s gotten more muscular since the show.) and he’s been trying to find another one. I asked him if he wanted me to send him the link through Twitter and said he that would be great. Then I told him, “You won’t believe what shirt I have at home!” He sounded all surprised and quickly asked, “What?!” “After the show ended, NBC decided to auction off some set items on ebay and I actually won one of the shirts you wear on the shirt!” With amazement in his voice, “No way! That is so freaking awesome Amy! Which shirt was it?” I told him it was a navy blue shirt with a weird design and Texas written across it. He instantly remembered and said, “The one I wore on top of the shoulder pads?” “Yes!” “That is so amazing! Well Amy, it’s been great seeing you again, and I hope to see you again real soon.” I couldn’t believe we were saying our goodbyes, but I responded with “Likewise, and I’ll keep in touch on twitter and I promise I won’t forget the link.” He smiled and said, “I’ll be there, and don’t forget it! I want a shirt!” We both laughed, and he gave me one big bear hug. I really hated saying goodbye to Matt, but I’m hoping we will meet again, but like he said there’s always twitter to keep in touch.

My dad and I went back to our seats and around 9pm they announced they were about to premiere the new music video by Explosions in the Sky, and then followed by the Series finale episode. Before they did that, they announced the cast one by one, and when they were about to exit their way out to show the videos, Matt Lauria walked up to the mic and said, “Louanne just said that someone should say something sweet about Jason (Kitams) so I’m going to bring her on up.” Everyone laughed. Now I did get video of this but I won’t show it until I finish my entire ATX TV Festival recap video. Hopefully it’ll be done and ready when I finish all of these posts. I have been working on it for a while. They showed the music video, which I liked, then the episode. Everyone laughed, clapped, cheered and cried at the right moments. It was truly a great way to end day three of the ATX TV Festival.

After the screening, my dad and I were hungry and Fran’s burgers was just down the street so of course we stopped by and got burgers from there once again. We got there right before it closed, (it was already 10:30pm) and I found a FNL poster signed by the entire cast from the beginning. Of course I took a picture of it. I thought it was an overall great day, and I couldn’t believe it was over, and even though the best part of the entire ATX TV Festival was over, I still had another day of excitement ahead of me.

The pictures with my username across are mine; the ones without it are not mine and belong to the official ATX TV Festival people on Facebook. Tomorrow I work, but don’t worry I’ll type out tomorrow’s blog right now that way I can quickly post it right after get out of work. I’ll admit though, tomorrow’s post will be short, but I hope y’all will still read it and enjoy it. Hope y’all had a great weekend, and had a good Monday to start off the week.


After my encounter with Matt Lauria, I put my picture back in my binder and in my backpack, and then took out my football in hoping to get the other cast members to sign it. I look up and I see Ernest James who is looking back at me and I approach him and he goes, “Hey! How are you?” I responded with I’m great how are you? He said fine thank you for asking, you know the usual small talk everyone has when you first approach them, and then I said, “We met last year…” before I could even finish my sentence, he said, “Yeah, yeah I totally remember, and we’ve chatted a few times on twitter.” Again, I didn’t think he would remember me, and I’m taken back and of course a little star stuck. I asked him to sign my football and he said of course. I told him, if I would have known he was going to be here earlier instead of finding out the last minute, I would have printed out our picture from when we first met and had him sign it, and he apologized and explained why he found out last minute. He was going to be in Round Rock the night before to promote, and attend the red carpet and screening to his latest movie project. He originally wasn’t going to attend the ATX TV Festival, but since he was an hour away he drove up to the Festival. He thought he was going to make it in time for the panel, but didn’t with the traffic but made as soon as it finished, and was happy just to make it in time to meet with the fans. I was about to ask him how was the premiere and what the movie was about, but then he noticed my FNL Lions shirt and said, “DUDE! I love your shirt! Can we please trade?” I started laughing and then checked out his shirt, and I said “As cool as your shirt is, I don’t wanna trade. Sorry!” He laughed and said, “If I had an awesome FNL shirt like yours, I wouldn’t wanna trade it either, so I don’t blame you.” Before I said goodbye to him, I asked for a quick picture and he said of course, and said goodbye and gave each other a quick hug.

My next approach was Michael B. Jordan, I saw him just walk out of the room where the panel was taken care of, and I quickly approached him. Unfortunately I didn’t get time to chat up with him because he suddenly got a long time and I did not want to hold up the line. So I just asked him to sign the football I brought, and asked him for a picture. I wish I would have talked to him but I didn’t. I thought maybe I would have a better chance at the Screening event later on in the evening.

The third person I approach was Gaius Charles and he was in full Smash mode! When I approached him he was saying, “Yeah, yeah, alright, what’s your name?” Again, he had a lot of people waiting for him so I really didn’t get to chat with him as much as I did with Lauria and James. I quickly asked him to sign my football, and he replied just like something Smash would say, “Sure thing baby!” He was checking out the football and he said, “This is so awesome bringing a football for the TV Festival, so smart too. I can’t believe I didn’t think about it while we’re having a mini-reunion.” I just told him that I literally thought about it at the last minute and bought the football the night before we took off to Austin. Then I asked him for a quick picture and he was like, “Of course!” Then I thanked him for everything and you can tell he really does appreciate the fans, and the show, and everything else that comes with it.

Close to Charles was Scott Porter, I was so excited to meet him again, and I was hoping with the luck I was having with Lauria, Armstrong, and James remembering me, I figured he would remember me too since we’ve also chatted a couple of times on Twitter, but I’m so sad to say he did not remember me. Like with the others, I asked him to sign the football, and he had the same response as Charles, that he should have brought one as well for everyone to sign it, and then took a quick photo. Not only did he have fans waiting for him, but he was also with someone who seemed really important because Porter kept talking to him in between meeting fans, so I quickly told Porter that I’m so happy Hart of Dixie got picked up for a second season especially with the cliffhanger. Porter said, he believed along with the writers and producers that the show was going to get picked up for another season, and that if no one thought it would, especially the writers, they wouldn’t have ended it with a cliffhanger. He also said he has no idea what’s going to happen next, but he’s very excited to get back and work with his friends again. I told him, at first it started off watching the show because of him, but then I grew into the show and love everything about it. He was so grateful and could not stop saying thank you. I quickly said goodbye and he said it was nice meeting you, and I couldn’t help but think aye we already met haha, but I didn’t want to be rude and correct him by saying we already met.

That’s all for today, I would tell you more but I have to go to work right now, but tomorrow I will post about my next encounters with Matt and his wife Michelle again, and with Louanne Stephens (who played Grandma Saracen). Happy Friday y’all  and have a great weekend.


After talking about their audition process, Ben Blacker asked how much they knew about football before they started working on the show. Michael B. Jordan said he grew up watching football as a kid and plays with his buddies and did not play while he was in high school but he was very familiar with the sport, and till this day he still is. Scott Porter had a similar answer, he said he loves football and watches every chance he can and he’s a Broncos fan. Gaius Charles said while he was in high school he was on the track team and never played football, not even with friends, but he did watch football, but did not know a lot about it as he should for someone who is playing the best running back football star on the show. So he said when he got the part, all he did was watch football, and take down notes. Porter said he used to make fun of him because Charles started with a notebook to take down some notes about the rules, then it turned into play names, and before you know it Charles had written on every page. Porter said that was Charles holy bible and could not leave anywhere without it while working on the FNL set. Matt Lauria said that he too did track in high school, and did not play football in high school but did enjoy the sport and watched whenever he can. Louanne Stephens said she grew up in Texas and knew everything about the sport, so when it came to her being a Grandma to a quarterback, she knew it was the perfect role for her.

After answering that question, they talked about football training, and their football stunt doubles. Porter said, that after all the auditioning process, getting the role, and on the first day of football training camp they asked him the one question they should have asked him before he audition, “Can you throw a football?” Which if you think about it, it’s funny because you would think that would be the first question they would ask. Jordan, Porter, Charles, and Lauria all said that football training was an awesome experience, to not only get to know more about the sport, but to also meet guys who are just similar guys just like them. The guys they had to play their stunt doubles were either ex-college, arena, or pro football players. The FNL guys all said that their football stunt double look just like them body wise, but only bigger by muscle, we all laughed because that’s not possible ha. Porter said the casting director originally wanted someone who was like at least 6’1 and between the ages of 22-24 to play Jason Street, and Porter said he was two years older than the age range they were looking for, and a lot shorter than what they were looking for. For Lauria, he said his stunt double looked exactly him, but at least two more inches in the neck, and four around the muscles around the arms and legs. Lauria also said, as much as the actors wanted to do their own football stunts, they couldn’t because they did not want the actors to get injured. No matter how much fun it looked like, or how pumped or the adrenaline going to your head, they still wouldn’t let the actors do their own football stunts. Which in my opinion, is good because I don’t think I would have handled that news myself ha.

I know this is a super short post, but I got a little busy today, and I will be again tomorrow, but I’ll write in a post tomorrow about my encounters with the cast, which I can’t wait to tell y’all all about it!


So I get there about a good 30 minutes before the panel starts and there was already a line and I’m like great ‘I def won’t be in the front.’ There were at least ten people in front of me, the most. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes, they finally let us in. My father and I rushed in like if we were going to a crazy 10 minute sale only at a store. We rushed up front and got the end seats in the middle in the third row. Even though I preferred the first, third row wasn’t so bad. The panel was supposed to start at 11:30am and of course like every other event in the world, it did not start on time. By 11:40am I was dying for it to start. Finally, Ben Blacker, the FNL panel host, walked in and introduced himself and said a couple of funny things before he brought out the cast. If you don’t know who Ben Blacker is, he created Nerdist Writers Panel podcast series, and I’ll be honest I had no idea who he is, but he is Hilarious! If you have a twitter, follow him @BenBlacker. Like he said,  “You won’t regret it.” Back to my story, the cast finally walked in! I was so excited to see some of them for the first time, and a couple of them again. First, Michael B. Jordan (Vince Howard) walked in by mouthing Hello while giving us a small wave, followed by Jason Katims (ex. Producer), then Scott Porter (Jason Street) who was rocking an FNL shirt, after that was Gaius Charles (Brian ‘Smash’ Williams), next Matt Lauria (Luke Cafferty), right behind him was another crew guy, but I forgot his name. I think he also worked similar to what Katims does. After that dude was Louanne Stephens (Grandma Saracen) and the woman who was in charge of the music, who I also didn’t know the name of. Wow, I’m bad at names that do the behind the scenes work. Alicia Witt, showed up about 30 minutes late, she literally came straight from the airport flying in from Boston.

The cast talked about a lot of things in a short about of time. They talked about their audition process, and their football training, and their football stunt doubles.  I’ll start with the audition processes. Witt said she when she first read about whom Becky’s mom was like she quickly knew who she was, the mom who always pretends and acts younger than she is. She said she went the first time and she got a call back, and but the feeling they weren’t going to pick her for the second audition with Pete Berg. The night before she said she went out with some friends, had one too many drinks, and very little sleep before the audition, and she went in like that the next early morning and got the part, lol! Jordan’s process was a little different, before he audition he said he went to the bathroom and while he was doing his business some random dude (who he now knows, and of course I forgot the name) tapped his shoulder and asked him the time. He said it was so awkward while he was peeing, but he told him the time and the dude left. When Jordan got called in to audition next in front of Berg, he sees that dude from the bathroom, turns out he’s a great friend of Berg and he was there to help him with the auditions. Berg like his auditions to be improv, and he told Jordan to act like he’s the quarterback and get his team pumped up, and try to give them a motivation speech for the last minute of the game. Jordan admitted that he got so into it that he literally got Berg off his seat, yelled in his face, and sort of pushed him. Jordan thought he was either not going to get the part, and/or will never get to audition for Berg again. But Berg was so impressed, he gave him the role.

Scott Porter’s audition scene was the jeep make out scene with Minka Kelly (who wasn’t there for his audition) and all Porter kept thinking was “this has nothing to do with the show, it’s suppose to be about football,” and after auditioning Berg kept  asking Porter ‘Are you willing to get tattoos? Shave your head? Be in a wheelchair? Willing to learn and play quad rugby? Etc.” and he said he was willing to do whatever it takes to bring Jason Street’s character alive. He then told us that he took some classes and training for using a wheelchair. After Porter’s answer, Williams answered, and I’m sorry I can’t remember, probably because I was so busy taking pictures and I wasn’t paying attention. However I do remember that every time he said Smash’s name he had to say the entire full name, “Brian Smash Williams,” which I thought sounded so cool cause I never thought of saying it that way. I’ve always just referred to him as Smash, and the only one I would call by the full name was Tim Riggins, but Charles def made Brian Smash Williams sound cool, haha.

Matt Lauria’s audition process was auditioning infront of Berg, and had Taylor Kitsch read Madison’s (Becky) lines, who was already cast for the role, but couldn’t make it out to audition for Lauria’s screening, so Berg brought in Kitsch. Now, Lauria said he Kitsch brought in a wig to help with by playing Becky, now that part I would believe because that sounds like something Kitsch would do. Lauria also said that Kitsch brought in a skirt, I honestly don’t know if that’s true, or a joke, but the way Lauria described it was hilarious. Anyways, before Lauria audition, he said he got a little starstuck when he saw Kitsch in the room because he’s such a big fan of the show, and to actually meet one, was so cool. Lauria was (well is) such a big fan of the show, that he could not even believe he was auditioning for the role. After he audition with Berg and Kitsch, Lauria said he called his agent and told him that he gave it his best and that if he didn’t get the part, he was okay with it because he got to chance to not only got the honor to meet them, but to at least have tried for one of his favorite roles.

Louanne Stephens, all I remember from her story was that she stole a picture of the “love shack” that was in front of a relative’s house, and took it to her audition process , and she told them that she lived in front of the love shack, that is now beat down and in terrible condition, but she always saw the sun rise the next morning. I may not have the whole entire story, or word per word, but believe me it was funny as hell. Everyone could not stop laughing (as you can see in the photo above) and I honestly wish I remembered every word, so you can understand it and laugh as well.

That’s all for today’s FNL blog post. I hope y’all enjoyed this post, tomorrow will be another part of the panel and possibly start talking about meeting the cast as well. Also, PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY PICTURES. I’m usually a private person, and do like to share pictures because people do steal them, and it makes me second guess about sharing them to everyone. So again please don’t still my pictures.