I'm obsessed with the couples on my favorite TV shows, getting lost in the different worlds of books, singing my heart out and having my own concert in my living room with my iPod, and I write down the things I can't say out loud. XoXo.


So since today My dad and I were in no hurry to get to Austin today, we took off at 12pm. (It’s a 5 1/2 hour drive.) And we would have made it before 6pm if it weren’t for all the traffic, and me getting a tummy ache out of no where. Traffic was delayed about 10-15 minutes, and we delayed at a gas station for about 20 minutes, I got sick outta no where. I don’t know what caused it; my dad and I both had the same plain and light subway sandwich and only I got sick. So I know it wasn’t the food. After taking some pepto bismol and gatorade, I was ready to go, (believe me I wasn’t going to let it ruin my fun and exciting weekend) we hit the road again and arrived at the hotel around 6:30pm.

Originally I was suppose to see four FNL sets/spots on the way to the hotel, but with all the traffic in Austin (rush hour) and my tummy ache, it wasn’t going to happen.

After resting for an hour in the hotel room, my dad and I were hungry. So I suggested we kill two birds with one stone by seeing two FNL spots and get some food to go, so my dad can make it on time to watch the NBA Playoff game. We ended up hitting two FNL spots, Trophy’s Bar and Grill and Fran’s Burgers.

First stop was Trophy’s Bar and Grill. If you remember the scene that was being filmed there, it was when Julie and a friend (who bailed after arriving) went to see the Swede perform at the bar and Julie found out he had a girlfriend. Then later Coach Taylor had a heart to heart moment when Julie about breaking up with Matt Saracen. Anyways, I didn’t get to go in, but I got to see the outside and it seemed like a pretty cool place. Cars were parked every where, so I’m guessing it gets business.

My second stop was Fran’s Burgers. To refresh your mind, this place was filmed in season 4, episode “Stay” when Julie tells Matt she got him tickets to the Austin Indie Musical Festival. Back to my story, the place is pretty cool. You can eat outside in your car, or outside in their tables. Of course you also can eat inside. After ordering a cheese burger, I walked around the place to see their pictures, maybe hoping to see a picture with FNL Zach and Aimee but no. However I did see a picture of Dennis Quaid! Kind of cool that he’s been their too. While waiting for my food, I went outside and took some pictures and video. (video will be posted up sometime next week.)

Overall, day one has been okay, hoping tomorrow will be better, and I don’t get sick again. Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting my tickets for the ATX TV Festival, then spending the day seeing more FNL sets/spots.

P.S. Anyone see Aimee Teegarden getting Punk’d tonight?